Contact details including telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses of customers are always kept entirely confidential, as are photographs which are mailed or emailed to me. I never sell or pass on any customer information to anybody, whether you end up commissioning a portrait or not. If you decide not to go ahead I won’t keep your details on record and will not email you. If you do commission a portrait I will keep a scan of your finished artwork on file in case you ever want to order another portrait or an extra print.



If you are not completely happy with the initial sketch layout I will change it for you at that stage. If you are not happy after the progress shots of the painting I can change that as I work on it. Once complete I will only be able to make minor changes to the painting. This has never happened and all my customers have been very happy with their portraits.

If the portrait is lost or damaged in the post then a full refund would be issued, or a replacement of the portrait will be offered.


Price rises

Once you have commissioned an artwork and given the go-ahead to start any price rises subsequent to that will not be added to your quote and the original price will be honoured.


Copyright for customers

I retain full image rights on any artwork I produce. Customers may use the image of the work they have purchased for any non-commercial purpose. You may make personal copies of it and share it on social media platforms. You may also use your own printer to print copies or I can order giclée prints for you.


Website copyright

The contents of this website are the copyright of Greg Whiteman © 2021 all rights reserved. Images may not be reproduced without permission.